financial modeling, Analysis & DATA SERVICES

  • Multi-Scenario Financial Modeling
    They don’t call it show business for nothing. Financial modeling is a key component for equity fundraising. A common use of multi-scenario modeling is to provide potential investors with an idea of possible outcomes based on real world data. Film funds also make regular use of financial modeling to evaluate the performance of their investments. Whatever the case, Herohelix Ultimates can provide detailed modeling services to your company.
  • Forensic Revenue Waterfall Analysis
    Have you ever opened a royalty report only to be shocked by its results? Sometimes mistakes happen, and there are a few occasions where distributors and other licensees aren’t properly following the revenue waterfall set up in your respective agreement. Using data provided by your royalty reports, real world data, and custom modeling based on the deal structure in your agreements, Herohelix can construct pro forma models that can help verify the results of royalty reports.

  • Distribution Deal Review & Consulting
    Diligent filmmakers, who take the Distribution piece of the equation seriously, often end up with several offers from rival distributors. We can help review your offers, model their potential results, and provide due diligence reporting on distributors to help you and your investors make the best decision possible.