Production Services


Production Business Services

Before getting into the fun of production, a project needs to be on a solid business foundation or risk all sorts of future financial legal headaches. Herohelix specializes in production business management and we can help you manage all the key components necessary to build that proper foundation.

  • Rights Acquisitions/Options
    If you’re producing a movie based on a true-life story or on a major intellectual property like a book or video game franchise, we can help negotiate and structure deals with the appropriate rights-holders.
  • Production Setup
    There are many factors to consider when setting up production: tax credits, talent travel, production teams, etc. We can advise and manage various options in which to set up your production. This includes the selection of government incentive-friendly locales for live action projects, or the hiring of domestic or international animation production houses for animated projects.
  • Co-Production & Equity Deals
    Production finance can take a number of different forms. Sometimes projects are born through pure equity. There are other times when different production companies come together to combine resources. Sometimes distributors come into the mix. Regardless of form, we can help you structure the contractual relationship custom-tailored to your circumstance.
  • Financial Modeling
    Investors, partners and other decision makers always want to see the numbers before committing financial resources to any project. Through our Herohelix Ultimates service, we develop custom financial models capturing revenue/expense ultimates necessary for internal greenlight or project fundraising.
  • Budget Review and Management
    Budget management is a key discipline that is often overlooked, leading to disastrous results. Herohelix can help you review and manage the budget of your production as well as advise on the associated cash flow schedule.

Production Creative Services

Herohelix has extensive experience in supervising all aspects of production from story development through post-production sound and picture. We’re here to help you navigate the live action and animation production process and their related quirks.

  • Recruiting the Creative Team
    Hiring the lead creative talents is one of the hardest and most important decisions you’ll need to make for any project. Herohelix can help you recruit all key creative team members including directors, producers, writers, and casting agents. For animated projects, we can also pair your project with character designers that not only provide visually exciting work, but also serve other business goals including licensing and merchandising.
  • Script Development
    A well-developed script is essential to any project. Visual effects can only go so far. If the story sucks, well, it can severely diminish the potential of your project. Herohelix has extensive experience in the best practices of story development. Leave it to us to manage the entire process or advise on select stages.
  • Music, Score and Licensing
    It’s incredible what a well-arranged soundtrack can do for a project. Herohelix can help manage all music needs including selecting music supervisors, composers, bands, orchestras, and recording studios. We can also help you with the tricky matters regarding licensed songs and their complicated associated paperwork.
  • Live Action Production Company Selection
    In the world of live action production, time is is rarely on your side. It’s important to select a reputable and experienced production company, otherwise haphazardly managed projects can lead to delays. Delays in live action production can cause significant cost overruns due to the condensed production schedules typical of smaller budget films. Herohelix can help review and select live action production companies that are the best match for the type of content and size of budget your project requires.
  • Animation Studio Selection
    Animation is a delicate art form and the selection of the proper production studio is a make-or-break decision. Because animation services have become a commodity, it’s easy to get into a relationship with a novice studio that produces shoddy work if you don’t know what to look for. We can help evaluate and select overseas animation studios to pair your project with the studio that best fits your project’s style and budget.