Content Distribution

Unfortunately, it’s often that the Distribution piece of the equation is under appreciated, misunderstood, badly executed or worse: non-existent. Through our Herohelix Entertainment label, we provide distribution solutions both domestic and international in reach that can help monetize your content.

Distribution & Marketing Strategy

It’s the 21st Century. It’s not as simple as slapping together some art and throwing a box on a shelf. Consumer habits have changed dramatically over the past ten years. You can’t take back a bad release strategy, and, a bad release strategy can decimate any value your content has. Our Distribution and Marketing experts can help you look at all your options and prepare a release strategy that best fits your project.

Domestic & International Distribution

Congratulations! You’ve produced a motion picture. But, if you don’t have distribution, then what you have might as well be a home movie. Herohelix Entertainment can help provide domestic and international distribution options for your product.