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Flux Core

At the center of every Flux Destiny is a core that contains the programming for that new reality. I've played with different designs, most of them involving multiple Gears of Destiny densely packed together. Each gear would have some important role in forming the rules or design of that fabricated destiny. For example, one would control the climate, one could control the physics, several could determine the aesthetic design, and so on.

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Rearranging Destiny

This is a sequence of drawings from my sketchbook when I was playing with ideas of how Gears of Destiny could be handled without hurting the engineer. Flux Destiny: Fortuna's Rings describes Gears of Destiny as too hot to safely hold, especially when pulled directly from the Great Machine.

Here, Hugo telekinetically removes the Gears from the Great Machine, rearranges them and plunges them back into the earth, causing a Flux Destiny.

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A Rupture

In Flux Destiny: Fortuna's Rings readers learn about ruptures and tears. Both are rips in the fabric of spacetime that exposes the Gears of Destiny, however ruptures refer to holes that occur naturally because of forces imposed by the malfunctioning of the Great Machine or powerful Flux Destinies. Tears are manmade holes like the ones Hugo and Lucky are capable of creating.

Marco and Hugo are expelled from the University's exclusive Academy and forced to travel the empire to fix these ruptures that seem to be popping up all over Fortuna. In this early concept sketch I was trying to illustrate intense pressure that would force these huge gears into the real world... like the Universe is coming apart at the seams.

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Comic Page Process

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at the work that goes into a page. After I write, draw, and clean-up a page, I send the work file over to Megan with notes on color, background and lighting. After she does her amazing coloring and backgrounds, I finish up with special effects and text. We use CG to create the gears... actually Megan modeled them herself using Blendr and I incorporate them into the final page when doing the EFX.

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