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Marco & His Stuffed Bunny

The next book Flux Destiny: Agents of Karma, will give important glimpses into Marco's backstory. We'll discover the challenges Marco faced as a talented kid who doesn't quite fit in with the other boys. While I won't go into a lot of detail here for spoiler reasons, I'll say that this stuffed rabbit is very special to him, and is based on a toy I had as a child that I still have to this day.

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Flux Core

At the center of every Flux Destiny is a core that contains the programming for that new reality. I've played with different designs, most of them involving multiple Gears of Destiny densely packed together. Each gear would have some important role in forming the rules or design of that fabricated destiny. For example, one would control the climate, one could control the physics, several could determine the aesthetic design, and so on.

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One of the many exciting (and frustrating) aspects of creating your own universe is deciding what to do about the flora and fauna. Some creators are ambitious and create everything from scratch... and that's great... but I think you have to think about a few things before embarking on that... for example: how central are unique creatures to your plot? Are they really necessary to give the effect your world needs?

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A Rupture

In Flux Destiny: Fortuna's Rings readers learn about ruptures and tears. Both are rips in the fabric of spacetime that exposes the Gears of Destiny, however ruptures refer to holes that occur naturally because of forces imposed by the malfunctioning of the Great Machine or powerful Flux Destinies. Tears are manmade holes like the ones Hugo and Lucky are capable of creating.

Marco and Hugo are expelled from the University's exclusive Academy and forced to travel the empire to fix these ruptures that seem to be popping up all over Fortuna. In this early concept sketch I was trying to illustrate intense pressure that would force these huge gears into the real world... like the Universe is coming apart at the seams.

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Creating Destinies

The underlying premise of Flux Destiny is that people within the universe have discovered that they can create their own realities... or Destinies. These destinies are better known as Flux Destinies, artificial realities created not by the natural laws of cause-and-effect, but rather by carefully engineering the Gears of Destiny (the molecular level of the world).

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Early "Lucky" Concept Sketch

Here's a sketch from one of my notebooks from when I was first trying to come up with a design for Lucky. It took lots of sketches to arrive at the rabbit-gorilla-robot that you know now. I tried tons of different approaches. In one round, I made him look like a grasshopper.

Fun fact: I haven't used pencils for years, even in my notebooks. It's all pen - it's helped me get better at drawing because I can't erase, I have to commit to whatever I put down. Made a huge difference.

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Untitled Cityscape

Sketch of a city I’m working on for one of the Flux Destiny books. That's a major University building at the top of the hill.

I love drawing cityscapes. They're great catalysts for story material. As I sketch them, I come up with unique buildings, neighborhoods, and street layouts that inspire fictional histories that end up providing me with story ideas.

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