Concept art by Chris Moujaes

Concept art by Chris Moujaes

One of the many exciting (and frustrating) aspects of creating your own universe is deciding what to do about the flora and fauna. Some creators are ambitious and create everything from scratch... and that's great... but I think you have to think about a few things before embarking on that... for example: how central are unique creatures to your plot? Are they really necessary to give the effect your world needs?

For Flux Destiny, I decided to take a hybrid approach. Many of the animals and plants in that universe are similar to what you'll find here in our universe. However, when I need to, I'll create my own species.

This is a yet-to-be-named Giant Pillbug species that Marco and Hugo will encounter, and possibly befriend. If you've seen a pill bug up close, they're not very cuddly... if you were to scale one up to the size of a cat, it would actually be pretty scary. So, I had to make some design alterations... for example, instead of insect like legs, my giant pill bugs move on these soft bristles, like a brush. And, instead of insect-like eyes... they have big, adorable expressive eyes.

I'm still working on where these fit into the story, but thought it would be fun to share.