Wandschneider Wonderclock Workshops Logo

Design by Chris Moujaes.

Design by Chris Moujaes.

In the Flux Destiny universe, the Wandscheider Wonderclock Workshops Company is the namesake of Hugo's famous grandfather, Walter Wandschneider. The Wandschneider Company began as a clockmaking enterprise, and under Walter's vision, grew to supply clockwork mechanisms of all kinds to the world.

However, the company became truly world-renown when Walter's intricately-engineered Flux Destinies were commissioned to patch over large ruptures in space-time. Over it's 50-year history, the company has made the Wandschneider family incredibly wealthy, and competes with several other large workshops in the realm of Flux Destinies.

The company is briefly mentioned in Flux Destiny: Fortuna's Rings, but readers will see much more of its influence in upcoming books.

This is a concept fro the logo that I sketched. The logo mark consists of a rabbit and gear, important symbols to the Wandschneider family.