Accidental Embrace

Sketch art by Chris Moujaes.

Ah, we've all seen the classic "oops I tripped and fell into your arms" bit at least a dozen times. I recently ran into this sketch while pouring through old development material for the Coz/Effect web comic series that I published in the early 2000's. The series followed a rock band who had their music stolen by an evil pop star who would stop at nothing to squash them (literally).

The web comic genre was brand new back in those days. I cut my teeth in the spaces of storytelling and art design during this time, and looking back at art from this period, you'll see a dramatic difference in my style and capabilities. At that time, Facebook, Twitter, and pretty much most of modern social media didn't exist yet with the exception of Deviant Art, so spreading the word about your work required much more physical effort. We'd attend countless conventions, meet ups, and even talk to schools to promote our work.

My hands are full with Flux Destiny right now, but I've been actively developing a reboot of Coz/Effect for a while now. It'll likely abandon all the original material and start fresh, and I'm pretty much okay with that. That's because I now have perspective, and I look at the original series as a part of the development work that would lead me to the series I really wanted to tell.